A professional, competent and dedicated team, organized in 4 Pools under the coordination of the top Management. These are:
  • Documentation and data processing Pool: collects and processes information on investment projects, markets, business ads, legislations, skills, socio-economic statistics, and sector data;
  • Marketing and Client Pool: provides support-advice to clients on ad hoc or permanent basis.

    This pool also has the assignment of conducting business contacts with partners, making financial packaging for local project developers, and supporting them in their search for funding or in Joint Venture negotiations with potential external partners.

    Finally, the Marketing and Client Pool team handles all trading and commercial representation assignments on behalf of our clients.
  • Website Administration and Development Pool: CBN intends to develop a quality Internet tool for better documentation of investors and the business world in general. For this reason, a team made up of IT technicians, a communications and media expert, and a translator has been introduced.
  • Administration and Finance Pool: This pool handles internal administration and issues related to both financial organization of the business and financial analysis of projects lodged in our project bank.