A wide range of products and services that address both the concerns of investors and companies seeking opportunities and those of project developers and other economic operators seeking financing. In this regard, we offer two types of products and services:

Products and services related to the online documentation. This is a range of products and services for online access to valuable information on:
  • Sectoral legislation and data on trade and investments;
  • Invitations to tender for public and private contractss, business ads, and job opportunities;;
  • Investment projects identified and analyzed by our team, structured on ad hoc forms for easy reading by potential investors. For all these projects hosted in our « project bank », it is possible to get in touch with their promoters at any time;
  • A skills bank of individuals and legal entities in the DRC recorded in our database and available to respond to any request of an investor.

Miscellaneous support-advice services including:

  • A package of tailored support-advice services provided permanently (representation with State administration, taxation and management consulting, etc.);
  • Various support-advice services provided on ad hoc basis (company incorporation, organizing business trips in the DRC, ad-hoc administrative assistance, project constitution and financial packaging for access to credit, etc.)
  • Commercial representation for products or foreign companies;
  • Online ads on our website;
  • Placement services (staff recruitment and management on behalf of a company);
  • Consulting for various studies: market surveys, project feasibility, etc.